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Frequently Asked Questions

Which grades does the Broken Arrow Public Schools Virtual Academy serve?

The Virtual Academy serves grades Pre-K through 12. 

Does my child have to be enrolled in Broken Arrow Public Schools to participate in the virtual program?

Yes. To enroll your child in Broken Arrow Public Schools, please visit the enrollment section of our website. 

How do I enroll my child into the Virtual Academy?

If you’d like more information about the program before enrolling, please contact the Virtual Academy directly at 918-505-5270.

What options does my child have when enrolling in the Virtual Academy?

This program allows students to enroll in multiple ways.

  • Full-time: Students in grades PreK-12 can complete 100 percent of their coursework online.
  • Blended Enrollment: Students in grades 6-12 can enroll in the Virtual Academy and still participate in an elective course at their school site, which may include fine arts or athletics.

Once my child is enrolled in the Virtual Academy, can I change my mind?

Once a student has enrolled, students in grades 6-12 will be locked into the Virtual Academy for the entire fall semester.

The Virtual Academy is a trimester commitment for students in grades Pre-K through 5. 

What is the difference between the Virtual Academy and Distance Learning that students experienced in spring 2020?

During distance learning in the spring 2020, the Oklahoma State Department of Education provided strict guidance on the type and amount of time allowed for instructional activities. There was an emphasis on maintaining and deepening existing skills and content, while introducing key concepts and skills from fourth quarter curriculum.

Distance learning is facilitated by a student’s teacher(s) and is not optional and will only be utilized as seen necessary by district leadership. Should the district have to utilize distance learning for the upcoming school year, it will look different than it did in spring 2020, and new content will continue to be introduced and facilitated by the student’s teacher(s).

Students enrolling in the Virtual Academy will have the same academic requirements and expectations as a face-to-face environment but will be required to complete coursework online. Virtual Academy teachers will serve as facilitators and provide instructional support in this environment but will not deliver the majority of instruction. Students will complete assignments and practice skills using online courseware created by district adopted vendors. 

Will Pre-AP and AP classes be offered to students through the Virtual Academy?

Students will have access to some AP courses in the full-time virtual program. Due to the approval process of AP College Board coursework, not all of the courses offered in a face-to-face setting will be accessible in a full-time virtual program. 

Does the Virtual Academy have a set schedule or can students study at their own pace?

Students enrolled in the Virtual Academy can complete coursework whenever and wherever is convenient for them. Students do not have to complete assignments during normal school hours, but they must keep up with the recommended pacing of the program.

Will children who have an IEP be able to choose virtual over face to face and will that affect their services?

Students who are served by Individualized Education Plans can choose virtual options. The IEP team will determine appropriate services and accommodations. Please contact our special services team at 918-259-5700 for more information. 

Will BA make Chromebooks available to students who enroll in the Virtual Academy?

Students in grades Pre-K through 5 must have a home computer or laptop to complete assignments.

Students in grades 6-12 will be provided with a district owned Chromebooks to complete assignments.

Will my child still have to take district and state assessments? 

Yes. All assessments will be completed at the Virtual Academy located at 412 S. 9th St. Parents will notified at the beginning of the school year on when these assessments will take place.

Can my child still participate in extracurricular activities (dances, carnivals) at their school site? 

All after school extra-curricular student activities are open to Virtual Academy students as long as they meet eligibility requirements. Parents should contact their home school site to receive information about such events.

Can my child take more than six classes a semester to make up credit?

Yes, in addition to the traditional six courses, students who are behind on credits may take credit recovery courses at the same time in order to meet graduation requirements.

Can my student go to Tulsa Tech?

Absolutely! Students in grades 11-12 would take three classes at Tulsa Tech and three classes online through Virtual Academy.

Can my high school student participate in concurrent enrollment while attending Virtual Academy?


What if my student falls behind or is failing his classes? Will they have to return to their home school site?

No, students who are struggling may be required to attend face-to-face tutoring sessions with their teacher at the Virtual Academy site until they get caught up. Students will not be automatically sent back to their traditional school.

Still have questions?

Please contact Mr. Chitty at virtual@baschools.org or Vonda Buntin at vlbuntin@baschools.org.