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Broken Arrow Public Schools


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2015 Bond Projects

Classrooms for Growth- $195,500,000

Three New Elementary Schools – $80,000,000. With over half of our growth at the elementary school level, the district will build three new facilities which could accommodate up to 900 elementary school students. The schools will be located in various areas of the district to relieve overcrowding, with at least one new school in the north and one in the south. Amenities would include a media center, full-size gymnasium, music room, art room and science room as well as hardened areas of refuge for storm safety.

High School STEM Classroom Addition - $21,000,000. To meet the needs of the district’s growing science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) program, new classroom space, labs and STEM focused learning areas will be added at the high school. This state of the art addition to the high school would be specifically designed for our STEM program and also provide a hardened area of refuge for storm safety.         

New Middle School - $30,000,000. The district will build a new facility for middle school students to accommodate for student growth. Amenities would include a media center, full-size gymnasium, music room, art and science rooms as well as hardened areas of refuge for storm safety.

Sequoyah Middle School Renovation and Expansion - $19,500,000. At Sequoyah, the oldest parts of the building will be updated and a new, larger cafeteria will be added. The old cafeteria will be converted to a new media center and additional classrooms will be created along with a new space for fine arts. The project will also include the addition of an elevator to the two-story section of the building along with other upgrades to meet ADA accessibility requirements. The new addition would also provide a hardened area of refuge for storm safety.

Childers and Oliver Middle School Renovation and Expansion - $12,000,000. These schools will both receive updates and additions. At both schools, the district will construct a new media center and convert the existing media centers to classrooms. New flooring will be added in the classrooms and hallways, along with new paint, code upgrades, and appropriate storage. Some of the new spaces would act as a hardened areas of refuge for storm safety.

Freshman Academy Classroom Expansion - $15,000,000. To meet the needs of our freshmen students, the district will construct new classrooms at the Freshman Academy to accommodate for growth. The new structure would also act as a hardened area of refuge. During the renovation, various needs throughout the site would be addressed including upgrading science rooms, pavement, and enhancing common space for student collaboration.

Special Education Classrooms - $4,000,000. To accommodate our most profoundly disabled students, BAPS will improve special education classrooms throughout the district. Additional classrooms will be added to appropriate early childhood, elementary, middle school and high school sites to accommodate special education students.

Land Acquisition - $14,000,000. To accommodate new facilities and infrastructure, BAPS will purchase tracts of land for future district needs. These properties would be purchased throughout our 115 square mile district in areas of growth and expansion.

Facilities for Student Programs - $89,000,000                        

Kirkland Activity Complex - $39,000,000. The site formerly used as North Intermediate High School will be repurposed with special recognition given to its historical significance in the district. Plans include renovations to the current auditorium and gymnasium. Kirkland Field will be repurposed as the Kirkland Soccer Complex which will feature a full-size competition soccer field. Additionally, a swimming facility will be constructed which will house an Olympic size swimming pool for district and community use.

Two School Auditoriums - $34,000,000. To provide much needed large performance and meeting space at both the high school and Freshman Academy, the district will construct an auditorium on each campus which would hold approximately 750 students. The structures would also act as hardened areas of refuge for storm safety.

Westwood Spirit and Auxiliary Gymnasium - $12,000,000. The former Westwood Elementary school will be repurposed to accommodate spirit squads, dance curriculum, and track teams. Appropriate locker rooms will be added along with site upgrades and amenities to the softball and baseball complex. Additionally, a new auxiliary gymnasium will be constructed for use by athletic programs across the district as well as space for high school PE classes and events. It would also act as a hardened area of refuge for storm safety.

Vocational Agricultural Facility - $4,000,000. Currently, the district does not own the land or structure used by our Vocational Agricultural Program. Funds will be allocated to purchase land and construct a show barn along with livestock pens needed to support students pursuing careers in agricultural production, agribusiness and other agricultural related occupations.

Security and Maintenance - $38,500,000

Elementary Renovations - $5,000,000. The district will continue the process of updating and renovating several of our elementary schools. At Arrowhead, Country Lane Primary, Leisure Park, Liberty, Rhoades, Spring Creek, Vandever, and Wolf Creek Elementary Schools, buildings would receive new flooring in the classrooms and hallways as well as new paint and storage areas.   

High School Renovation – $12,000,000. At the high school, several areas in need of updates would be addressed. Several classroom buildings would receive new carpet, paint, and storage. Lockers would be removed to create common space for better student collaboration. Several restroom facilities will be remodeled, and hallways and classrooms will be retrofitted with necessary safety systems. 

Broken Arrow Alternative Academy Renovation - $4,000,000. At the Broken Arrow Alternative Academy which is housed in the former Haskell Middle School, the building would receive several improvements to accommodate growth. Additionally, new virtual education labs will be created to meet the needs of the district’s growing virtual education program.  

District Maintenance, Security, and Furniture/Fixtures/Equipment - $17,500,000. To address ongoing maintenance needs, funds will be allocated to maintain and replace roofs, HVAC equipment, parking lots, fencing, concrete and other projects. Additionally, these funds will be used to replace copiers, vehicles and safety related equipment. Funds will also be used for new furniture to accommodate district growth including student and teacher desks, and to replace broken desks and chairs. New equipment for playgrounds and other areas will also be provided with these funds.

Technology and Instruction- $38,000,000

District Technology Allocation - $20,000,000. In order to provide the best learning technology, funds will be allocated to update existing computers, and to replace software and hardware as needed. These funds will also provide increased technology in classrooms, moving the district toward a 1:1 student to computer ratio. The technology allocation will also enable the district to make the necessary Wi-Fi and infrastructure upgrades needed to accommodate this expansion.     

District Instructional Allocation - $18,000,000. These funds will provide for district-wide allocations for textbooks and software as well as equipment and materials for media centers, special education, science and other instructional areas. Additionally, funds will be allocated for purchasing equipment and satisfying the needs of the fine arts and athletic programs.

Transportation - $9,000,000

Buses and Student Transportation - $9,000,000. To accommodate the needs of our growing district and to ensure the safety of our students, the district must keep our fleet current and in good repair. These funds will allow for the annual purchase of buses and vehicles needed for student transportation to make sure we can meet the transportation needs of our 115 square mile district.

TOTAL - $370,000,000