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What is Proficiency Based Promotion?

Proficiency Based Promotion (PBP) is a process which awards credit for students’ knowledge in the core curriculum areas, i. e., social studies, language arts, the arts, languages, mathematics, and science, through an assessment process. All students in grades 1-12 are eligible for Proficiency Based Promotion if they perform at the required level. Students in grades 1-8 must demonstrate proficiency by a score of 90% or higher and students grades 9-12 must demonstrate proficiency by a score of 80% or higher. Elementary or secondary students may advance one or more levels in the core curriculum areas.

Do we have to offer PBP?

Yes, it is required as part of House Bill 1017 which began with the 1993-1994 school year.

How will parents/students be informed about PBP?

Oklahoma Law requires annual notifications. Broken Arrow Public Schools posts PBP on their website annually and you will find PBP information in our student handbooks each year.

How many times can a proficiency demonstration be attempted?

The opportunity for proficiency assessment will be scheduled at least once each school year.

What will be required to successfully demonstrate proficiency?

Proficiency for advancing to the next level of study will be demonstrated by a score of 90% (elementary/middle school) and 80% (secondary) or comparable performance on a proficiency criterion assessment and/or a performance assessment (or demonstration).

Before a decision is made to advance to the next grade, a team consisting of parent(s), administrator, counselor, and teachers will discuss social, emotional and intellectual needs of the pupil. Students who score above the required percentile in all core subject areas will be recommended to advance to the next grade level.

Elementary/middle school students who score above the 90 percentile in a specific discipline will be appropriately accommodated at the next level. Students will be monitored each year for appropriate placement to ensure continued advancement in the area in which they have demonstrated proficiency.

Secondary students who score above the 80 percentile in a specific discipline will advance to the next appropriate course.

In what subjects (tests) are we required by law to provide PBP opportunities?

Language Arts/English, Science, Social Studies, Math, Foreign Language

Who has “the last word” whether a child is promoted based upon Proficiency?

If the parent or guardian requests promotion or acceleration contrary to the recommendation of school personnel, the parent or guardian shall sign a written statement to that effect. This statement shall be included in the permanent record of the student. A district level committee will be appointed to review the information and recommend promoting or reaffirming the site decision.

Parents have the right of appeal to the Board of Education. The Board of Education’s decision is final.

Who will administer, score, and evaluate the proficiency criterion exams?

The Director of Assessment will oversee the administration of the proficiency criterion assessment at the administrative center. Performance assessments or demonstrations may be administered at the individual site by professional staff members designated by the principal.

What happens to testing records?

Successfully completed proficiency assessments become a part of the students’ permanent records. At the secondary level, credit (no grade) is recorded on the transcript (course name, credit by exam) and counts toward graduation (required by law). Failed attempts are not recorded or maintained in the students’ permanent records.

When will tests be offered?

The assessment process will be scheduled between the last day of school and the start of a new year. Scheduled dates will be announced and published each year.

How does the PBP process begin?

A completed application (pdf) should be signed by the parent/guardian and returned to the school site. Applications are also available at each of the school sites.

The school principal or designee reviews and recommends the application, attaches pertinent information (copies of cumulative record or transcript) and forwards the application to the Director of Assessment.