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Liberty's Library/Media Center

Amie Ellison, Media Specialist

The library/media center is a place where students and teachers are assisted in accessing, evaluating, and using media resources so they may have an enriched and successful academic experience. The media center staff considers the opportunity to provide this assistance as a privilege and look forward to helping all our students’ access books and information. Our mission is to provide resources to meet the academic and individual needs of our entire school population. The media center has over 15,000 items in our collection.

Our Liberty's library collection includes:

  • Fiction/Non-fiction Titles
  • Audio books
  • Reference Books
  • Professional Books
  • Periodicals (Popular & Professional)
  • Online Resources

Media Center Schedule

The media center is open from 9 a.m. to 3:50 p.m. each day.

All students have a scheduled visit each week in the media center. The students learn how to use our electronic card catalog, how to research a topic using books/encyclopedias/computers, learn specific library skills, how to check-out books, and how to take care of books and media.

Checkout procedures

Kindergartners can check-out one book each week.

First through Fifth graders can check-out two books each week and may take return to the media center to check-out another book(s) if needed.

All books checked out may be kept by the student for a period of one week. Renewals may be done on a case-by-case basis.

The privilege of checking out books comes with responsibility. If a book is lost or damaged beyond repair, the book has to be paid for before check-out for the student can resume. If a lost book is paid for and then found, the student can return it (as long as it is in good condition) for a full refund. This can take a little bit of time as it has to be processed by headquarters.

Search Media Center's Catalog

Login to Canvas to access Liberty's library catalog.

Oklahoma Sequoyah Book Award Program:

The Sequoyah Book Award Program encourages the students of Oklahoma to read books of literary quality. Students in grades 3-5 who have read or listened to at least three (3) titles from the masterlist are eligible to vote for the Children's Sequoyah Book Award.

With this award, Oklahoma honors the Native American leader Sequoyah for his unique achievement in creating the Cherokee syllabary. Sequoyah chose eighty-five symbols to represent all spoken sounds of the Cherokee language. In so doing, he created a way to preserve his people's language and culture.

The books on the Sequoyah Masterlist are selected by the Sequoyah Reading Teams. Criteria for selections include: published three years prior to the award date, author lives in the United States, originality, literary quality, interest, appeal, and developmentally appropriate for the age level.

The Media Specialist sponsors a Sequoyah Book Award Celebration each year to reward and showcase those students who participated in this program. Students who participate in this program will vote for their favorite Sequoyah book nominee and then pick a prize of their choosing from a large selection of prizes.

In order to demonstrate that they have read the Sequoyah books, students will need to submit one artifact for each book. They may also opt to take a quiz (if available) or have an interview with the Media Specialist. Students will be offered a variety of creative ways to show their understanding of the books and hopes to use the artifacts for a special display in the media center.

Below are the instructions for submitting artifacts. Additional questions might be ask about the artifact for further verification.

  • Paint a rock depicting a character or scene of the book
  • Complete an online Quiz
  • Interview with the Media Specialist
  • Book Report-in-a-Bag (gather artifacts representing story and explain them)
  • Create an illustrated timeline for the book
  • Write a poem or song about the book (perform if you wish)
  • Written book report
  • Create a booktalk or book trailer
  • Any creative project to show understanding of book (must get approved by the Media Specialist first.)

 “The more you read, the more you’ll know.  The more you learn the more places you’ll go.”  –Dr. Seuss

“A book is a dream that you hold in your hands.” –Neil Gaiman

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