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Home Access Center FAQs

Q.  Who can get a HAC account? 

A.  HAC accounts are only available to people who are listed as guardians with the school and have a valid email account on file with the school. To add your email account or to update your email address, please contact your child's school site.

Q.  Will I be able to see all of my children under one account?

A.  You should be able to see all of your children with one account. If you cannot see one of your children, please email HAC@baschools.org with your student’s name(s) and birthdate(s) so we can verify the information to link them under one account.

Q.  How do I switch the student view within my HAC account?

A.  Using the button in the upper right-hand corner labeled "Change Student" allows you to drop down and select a student from a list.

Q.  What do I do if I have forgotten my username or password?

A.  Please contact your child’s school site, and they will be able to re-set your password.

Q.  How do I change my password?

A.  Once you are logged in, you will see your name in the upper right-hand corner. Click on your name, select "My Account," and you will be able to enter your old password and your new, preferred password. You also have the ability to change your security questions on this screen. If you have further issues or questions, please contact your child's school site.

Q.  I am entering the correct username and password so why can't I log in?

A.  Make sure your caps lock or number lock are set correctly. Passwords are case sensitive. If you still are unable to log in, contact your child's school site for more assistance.

Q.  My account was locked. How do I do to get it unlocked?

A.  If you incorrectly enter your username or password three times, your account will lock. It will unlock automatically after 20 minutes. If you are still unable to log in after 20 minutes, please contact your child's school site.

Q.  Why don't I see any grades for my Pre-K/elementary student?

A.  Letter grades for assignments/tests are typically not recorded for students in Pre-K - 2 grades. Their progress is monitored through standards, and students are rated on a scale of 1 - 4. These standards will be made available for parents to view on the trimester report cards.

Letter grades for assignments/tests for students in grades 3-5 should be recorded weekly. If you do not see any elementary grades posted in HAC, please contact your child's teacher directly.

Q.  Why don't I see any grades for my middle school or high school student?

A.  HAC doesn't record grades for students in grades 6-12. Please use Canvas to access grades and assignments. 

Q.  How do I view current cumulative grades for my student?

A.  Current grades for your student can be viewed 24/7. Once logged into HAC, the “home” page provides an overview of all classes scheduled and the corresponding current grade for each class. To view an individual class and review individual assignments, select “classes” and choose the class you wish to review. 

Q.  I noticed an error in my child's attendance - how can that be fixed?

A.  Please contact your child's school site and ask to speak to the attendance secretary.

Q.  How do I fix inaccurate information about my student in HAC (such as misspelled name, wrong birthdate, etc.)?

A.  Please contact your child's school site.