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Clubs and activities at the Freshman Academy are dedicated to provide students with a variety of opportunities to be actively involved on campus. The Freshman Academy goal is for clubs and activities to be student lead in order to facilitate and instill leadership, goal-setting, problem solving, group thinking, and team work skills, as well as give students a sense of ownership and create a positive student experience.

Joining a club is easy! Students need to talk with the sponsor to join.

If there is a club or activity not available that students want to be a part of, students have the ability to create a club. All students need to do to create a club is stop by office 116 and see Ms. Treece, Student Activities Coordinator.

Club Meeting Times

Clubs and activities will meet once a month during Academic Achievement on a rotation, and additionally before or after school to provide for the club/activity’s schedule and/or needs. If you have questions about meeting times, please contact the sponsor of the club/activity.

Art Club

Sponsor:  Brett Gray, bgray@baschools.org

Art Club provides a variety of experiences and opportunities to students who have an interest in the visual arts. Art Club is open to all Freshman Academy students, whether or not they are enrolled in an art class. The Art Club offers students creative and educational opportunities and provides a time to meet and work on art projects together.

American Sign Language Club


American Sign Language Club ASL Club is for those who know American Sign Language and/or have an interest in American Sign Language and the deaf culture.

Anime Club

Monitor:  Dawn Thornton, bdthornton@baschools.org

Anime Club is a club created by students for students who share the same interests in Anime and Manga.

Awareness Animal Cruelty Team (A.C.C.T.)

Monitor:  Michael Sparling, msparling@baschools.org

Awareness Animal Cruelty Team is a club created by students for students who want to raise awareness against animal cruelty, and provide service in the community.

Bible Study

Monitor:  Brandi Brook, blbrook@baschools.org

The club is dedicated to helping students grow in their faith through bible study, devotions, prayer, and service. Students lead the studies, devotions, and discussions. The purpose of this club is to build faith and unite students. This club does not meet during AA, it meets every Tuesday morning at 7:30 in Ms. Brook’s room.

Drama Club

Sponsor: Crystal Lovvorn, clovvorn@baschools.org

The Drama Club offers students a forum, for sharing theatre expertise, recognizing creative outlets, and expanding the education of the publics’ awareness of theatre arts. Drama Club is open to all Freshman Academy students who share an interest in drama, whether or not they are enrolled in Drama class.

Fashion Club

Monitor: Olga Hagyari, ohagyari@baschools.org

This club is a place for you to develop your creativity and learn about the fashion. The club meeting include the development of a fashion portfolio, as well as sewing instruction. Goals of the club are to stimulate the exchange of ideas and create looks that express individuality and encourage personal style. Membership is open is any student.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)

CoMonitors: Jeremy Bryan, jlbryan@baschools.org and Clifton Thomspon, clthompson@baschools.org

FCA is a Christian based organization that challenges coaches and athletes on all age levels to use the powerful medium of athletics to impact the Christian world. FCA focuses on serving local communities by equipping, empowering and encouraging people to make a spiritual difference. The organization practices ministries through fellowship free from social pressure for members and coaches or recognized teams.

Garage Band Club

Monitor: Brian Keathley, bkeathley@baschools.org

A club created by students for students who are beginners or intermediate skilled garage band style musical instrument players and want to improve their skill level, and jam out. Membership is open to any student.

International Foreign Language Club

Sponsor:  Angela Collier, acollier@baschools.org

The Foreign Language Club is an all-inclusive international club that promotes appreciation for foreign languages, traveling abroad and cultures through food, films, music, games, outings and participation in local international cultural events, as well as help students on campus to become more culturally aware and appreciative of other languages and countries.

Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA)

Monitor:  Megan O’Brien, mobrien@baschools.org

The GSA is both a social as well as service/action group. Its primary purpose is to provide a safe place for the GBLTQ community and its allies of this school; educate the school community about homophobia, transphobia, gender identity, and sexual orientation; and openly and actively oppose discrimination, harassment, and violence in all arenas.

Key Club

Monitor:  Shane Messinger, smessinger@baschools.org

Key Club is an International student-led service organization sponsored by Kiwanis International providing its members with opportunities to perform service, build character, and develop leadership skills by working together and helping others in our community and beyond.

National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) 

Sponsor: Chris Ennis, cennis@baschools.org

NJHS is a service-oriented organization used to promote teamwork, leadership and good character. The five main purposes that guide the organization are: to create enthusiasm for scholarship; to stimulate a desire to render service; to promote leadership; to encourage responsible citizenship; and to develop character in the students of secondary schools.

The member requirements are good citizenship skills and high grade-point averages as well as being involved in extracurricular activities, as well as being inducted into the organization during their 8th grade year.

Partner’s Club

Sponsor:  Katie Fly, kfly@baschools.org

Partner's club is a club where students collaborate with students with special needs and participate in activities that range from academics to extra-curricular activities. Club members will be part of bullying prevention, provide peer tutoring, and attend Special Olympics events. The main goal of Partner's Club is to promote social inclusion while building friendships. Requirements include submitting an application and obtaining teacher recommendations.

Science Club

Sponsor:  Melinda West, mwest@baschools.org

This club explores the depths of science and how science is everywhere.

Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD)

Monitor:  Sarah Galbreath, sgalbreath@baschools.org

SADD promotes and rewards healthy, positive and drug free living to provide for mental and physical health through social and recreational activities, to further educate students about positive reasons to say no to drugs/alcohol usage, and to instill civic virtue through service projects. It is open to all students.

Student Council

Sponsor: Missi Treece, mtreece@baschools.org

Student Council promotes and strives for, high standards of scholarship, leadership, cooperation, and understanding among the students, faculty, community, and state. Members propose policy changes as they apply to the student body and strive to meet the needs of Freshman Academy students through various projects. Projects include assemblies, service programs, spirit and unity activities, and conventions. Each class will have an elected representative, but general membership is open to any student enrolled at the Freshman Academy.

Tiger Challenge

Sponsor: Stacie Wilson, swilson@baschools.org
Cosponsor: Allison Sheltonl, ashelton@baschools.org

In an effort to encourage the development of positive character traits in students, T.I.G.E.R. Challenge is based on five core values: tenacity, integrity, gratitude, expectation and respect, all of which create lifelong student success embodying culture and kindness. It promotes the positive values encouraged by tenants the program with high moral character development that will last beyond the high school years. Some of Tiger Challenge responsibilities at the Freshman Academy include spreading recognition throughout the building, random acts of kindness, anti-bullying, welcoming new students, and other various projects to promote a positive atmosphere. Our main goal is to create a welcoming and positive culture on our campus. Membership is open to all Freshman Academy students.


Advisor: Megan O’Brien, mkobrien@baschools.org

Yearbook: Publishing the school yearbook offers the students experience in various types of writing, editing, layout design, and digital photography. Students are responsible for the publication of the school yearbook.

Newspaper: Publishing the newspaper informs the school of the news/happenings around campus and builds the community through posting about activities the kids are interested in.

Members are enrolled in Yearbook/Journalism class; and requirements include submitting and application and obtaining teacher recommendations.

Questions regarding student clubs and activities? Please contact Missi Treece, Student Activities Coordinator at mtreece@baschools.org or 918-259-4330.