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Program Services

Assessment and Identification of English Learners

If a language other than English is spoken in the home, the student is assessed with the ACCESS for ELs language proficiency assessment to determine the student's level of English language proficiency per the Title III requirements of No Child Left Behind (NCLB), 2001. In the state of Oklahoma, proficiency is attained with an ACCESS for ELs literacy score of 4.5 and an overall composite score of 5.0. Students who score below this standard are identified as English Learners.

Reassessment, Monitoring and Exiting of English Language Learners

English Learners are reassessed each spring with the ACCESS for ELs assessment per NCLB Title III requirements. When a student scores a literacy score of 4.5 and an overall composite score of 5.0, he/she has attained English language proficiency in the state of Oklahoma. Students who have attained proficiency are identified as Former English Learners (FEL).

FEL students are placed on monitor status for two full academic years immediately following the proficient score. During this monitoring period, FEL students may be eligible for some EL support services as needed to ensure their continued success.

If, at some point, during the two year monitoring period, staff, teachers or parents are concerned about the student's English language proficiency, a conference may be held with all stakeholders concerning the student's English language proficiency, and the student may be reassessed to determine if further EL support services are required. Upon successful completion of the two-year monitoring period, FEL students will be formally exited from additional EL support services.  

Parent Notification 

Parents will be notified of their student's ACCESS for ELs test score by the district as well as a recommendation for EL services that are most appropriate to meet their student's educational needs. Per NCLB Title III, parents have the right to decline for their student to participate in EL services by completing a waiver form, which are available upon request to the Broken Arrow Public Schools Title III Office.  Although parents can decline for their student to participate in EL services, students identified as English Learners cannot be waived from participating in the annual ACCESS for ELs assessment.

EL Instructional Services 

EL instruction is scaffolded to meet the needs of our EL students' various proficiency levels in order to support their academic success. Some EL Instructional Services are only available at EL Regional Center sites. Sheltered Instruction Services are available at all sites. Transportation is provided to EL Regional Center sites for EL students whose neighborhood school does not offer those services.

Elementary EL Instructional Services (Grades Pre-K through 5)

  • EL Pull-Out Class
  • EL Push-In Class
  • Sheltered Instruction

EL pull-out classes and EL push-in classes are available at Country Lane Primary, Country Lane Intermediate, Creekwood Elementary, Liberty Elementary and Lynn Wood Elementary.

Middle School EL Instructional Services (Grades 6-8)

  • EL Class
  • EL Co-Taught Literature Class
  • Sheltered Instruction

ELL classes and ELL Co-Taught Literature classes are available at Centennial Middle School and Oneta Ridge Middle School.

High School ELL Instructional Services (Grades 9-1)

  • English Class for ELs
  • Academic Support for ELs
  • Sheltered Instruction

English Class for ELs and Academic Support for ELs are available at the Broken Arrow Academy (grade 9 only) and Broken Arrow High School (Grades 10-12).