Picture of band students.

Phone, Email and Text Alerts

Broken Arrow Public Schools utilizes Apptegy Thrillshare, a leading provider of notification services for parental outreach, emergency broadcasts, student attendance alerts, site-specific information and other communications for education.

Thrillshare does not replace current school communication methods. Teachers, principals and administrators are still accessible for in-person visits and will continue to communicate via current methods.

If you have a student(s) enrolled at BAPS, please contact your school site to update any phone number changes.

If you do not have any student(s) enrolled and wish to have your phone number removed from the system, please email BAPS and indicate your name and the phone number you wish to have removed from the system.

Text Message Feature

Broken Arrow Public Schools has activated the text message feature on Thrillshare, the system used to send important parent phone calls and emails. Parents/guardians will automatically be "opted-in" to received text messages from the district. Please note that the district will NOT use text messages to send "emergency" information.

To "opt-out" from receiving text messages from the district, simply send "STOP" to XXXXX or visit Apptegy's website.

If you opt-out, but later decide to opt-in, simply send “Y” to XXXXX or visit Apptegy's website.

Parents are encouraged to check with their wireless carrier for information about their mobile service plan and any possible charges related to text messaging. Broken Arrow Public Schools does not reimburse for any charges associated with sending or receiving text messages.