ABCs of School Funding

To inform students, staff and patrons about the basics of school finances, Broken Arrow Public Schools is dedicated to providing easily accessible resources and information through the “ABCs of School Funding.”

On average, America spends more than $634 billion a year on public elementary and secondary education in the United States. Three levels of government—federal, state and local—contribute to education funding. States typically provide a little less than half of all elementary and secondary education funding. Local governments generally contribute about 44 percent of the total, and the federal government contributes about 13 percent of all direct expenditures.

The district runs on a $130 million dollar budget generated from property taxes and state funded revenue, which serves more than 19,000 students and 2,000 employees. This state aid is distributed through a complex formula that considers the number of students and factors like poverty levels, English Learners, and the need for transportation and special education services. 

Frequently Asked Questions