Picture of Enrollment Services' building.

Family Resources

District Resources

Please visit your child’s school website for information specific to their school site via the “schools” tab listed above. There you will find contact information for administrators and counselors, school hours, daily schedules and more. Additionally, your family may be eligible for one or more of the valuable resources provided by the district. 

B&A Connections: The before and after school program offers a developmentally appropriate program for students enrolled in grades Pre-K through 5 at our early childhood centers and elementary school sites. 918-259-7413

Special Needs: The special services department provides an array of services to exceptional students requiring additional services and supports to meet their educational needs. 918-259-7704

English Learner Support: The district provides high quality, research-based English language instruction as well as cultural and community support in order to engage English Learners, bilingual and immigrant students in grades Pre-K through 12. 918-259-5788

Indian Education: This program is possible due to two federal grants – Title VI and Johnson O'Malley (JOM). These grants provide educational services and supplemental programs to students with Native American heritages. 918-259-5734

School-Based Mental Health Services: The district’s partnerships with community mental and behavioral health agencies allow us to offer school-based services to students at our preschool, elementary, middle and high school facilities.  918-259-5751

Families in Transition: You may be able to receive help through a federal law called the McKinney-Vento Act if your family is living with other people due to loss of housing or if you are residing in a shelter, motel, campground, car, abandoned building or bus station. 918-259-7497

Foster Care: In accordance with federal and state laws, the district partners with Oklahoma Department of Human Services to ensure educational stability and minimize educational disruptions for students in out-of-home-care. 918-258-0474

Report It!: Broken Arrow Public Schools strives to ensure a safe environment for every student. If you witness or hear about a bullying situation, drug use, or a threat of violence, please REPORT IT by visiting baschools.org/ReportIt or by contacting your child’s school.


Emergency Basic Needs Service Agencies

2-1-1 of Eastern Oklahoma: Call 2-1-1 for live help
Broken Arrow Neighbors: 918-251-7781 
Arms Around BA: 918-258-7714
Eastern Oklahoma Catholic Charities: 918-994-1451

Crisis Services

COPES 24-hour Crisis Line: 918-744-4800
CREOKS Children and Adolescents Crisis Services: 1-877-327-3657
Crisis Text Line: Text HOME to 741741
Mental Health Association of Oklahoma: 918-585-1213

Intervention Services

Domestic Violence Intervention Services: 918-743-5763
Child Abuse Hotline: 1-800-522-3511
Youth Services of Tulsa: 918-582-0061

Low-Income Support

DHS Benefits: 405-522-5050
SoonerCare: 1-800-987-7767
Child Care Resource Center: 918-585-5551
Affordable Connectivity Program: 877-384-2575


Bus Rider Eligibility 

  • Students residing over 1.5 miles from their home school are eligible for transportation.

  • Eligibility for any student to ride a bus is conditional on good behavior and abiding by the bus rules and student handbook.

Bus Stops and Routing

  • Buses are authorized to stop only at established stops on the bus route. Except for emergencies, the bus driver is not allowed to alter his/her established route.

  • In establishing bus stops, safety is the first consideration. Stops are created at a location that allow students to wait off the main roadway for buses, if at all possible.

  • If a bus route exists for your child, transportation may take up to one week to be established. If a bus stop does not exist you will be given a temporary bus stop until one can be created for you.

  • Bus route information is available online at: Transportation. If you are unable to retrieve your bus route information please email babus@baschools.org

Special Needs Transportation Services 

  • If your child has an IEP and receives transportation, you will be contacted about your route and to schedule a “meet and greet.”