2015 Bond Issue

The 2009 bond issue and the reallocation of bond funds in 2011 were a major step in addressing some long overdue needs of the district. As a result of these bond issues, Broken Arrow Public Schools made immense improvements to our facilities and provided safe, enriching learning environments for all students. Thanks to our patrons, portable buildings were completely eliminated, security and technology were vastly improved at every site, and there is equity for all of our students across the district as a result of these funds.

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The 2015 bond issue projects total $370 million and will be completed over the course of 12 years. By planning for long-term capital improvement projects, we can better utilize resources while ensuring taxpayer dollars are used efficiently. These projects were carefully identified by the Long Range Planning Committee and include classrooms for growth, facilities for student programs, improvements in security and facility maintenance, advances in technology and instruction, and upgrades in transportation.

The structure of this bond issue was intentionally designed to provide flexibility. If at any time a new need is identified, approved projects that have not yet begun can be postponed until a later date. Additionally, much like in 2011, the district can present a new proposal to voters if a reallocation of funds is needed. This bond issue is an opportunity to meet the needs of our growing district while continuing the momentum of excellence.

  • $370 million bond issue over the span of 12 years

  • Will NOT increase taxes

  • Meets the demands of growing enrollment by adding new schools and classrooms as well as maintaining existing facilities

  • Supports academic achievement through investments in facilities, instruction and technology

  • Keeps students engaged in school by providing facilities for student programs

2015 Bond Project Timelines

The projects will be completed over a 12 year period in four phases as bonds are sold and funds become available. Based on projected growth, major projects have been prioritized in the following time frames:*

Phase I Priorities: $93,500,000
(All projects in Phase I are now complete.) 

  • New Elementary #15 - Timber Ridge Elementary - Complete

  • High School Classroom Addition - Complete

  • Sequoyah Middle School Renovation/Expansion - Complete

  • Freshman Academy Classroom Addition - Complete

  • Special Education Classrooms at Sequoyah Middle School, Part 1 - Complete

  • Kirkland Activities Complex Part 1 (Soccer Complex and Auditorium) - Complete

  • Land Acquisition - Complete

Phase II Priorities: $86,500,000 (funds available 2019)
(All projects in Phase II are now complete.) 

  • New Elementary #16 - Rosewood Elementary - Complete

  • Childers Middle Schools Renovation/Expansion - Complete

  • Oliver Middle Schools Renovation/Expansion - Complete

  • Vocational Agricultural Facility - Complete

  • High School STEM - Complete

  • Elementary Renovations - Complete

  • Land Acquisition - Complete

  • Technology - Complete

  • Broken Arrow Options Academy Renovation **

  • Phase III Priorities: $88,500,000 (funds available 2022)

    • New Middle School #6 (8th Grade Center)

    • Events Center (Freshman Academy and High School Auditorium and Spirit & Auxiliary Gym)

    • Technology

    Phase IV Priorities: $101,500,000 (funds available 2025)

    • Kirkland Activities Complex, Part 2 (Natatorium) **

    • New Elementary #17 **

    • Technology

    *Projected time frames subject to change based on district needs.
    **Moved from different phase.

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