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The following identifies what disciplinary core ideas (DCIs) are introduced at each grade level/content area for grades K-12

  • Concepts are divided into three domains:  Physical Sciences (PS), Life Science (LS), and Earth & Space Sciences (ESS).  Click on each domain to see K-12 vertical alignment.  The grade level/content areas that include each domain in their curriculum is noted.
  • Each domain is further subdivided into topics (ex:  From Molecules to Organisms).  Click on each topic to see the specific DCIs addressed at each grade level.

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Life Sciences (LS) - K-8, Biology, Environmental Science

LS1:  From Molecules to Organisms:  Structure & Processes

  • LS1A:  Structure & Function
  • LS1B:  Growth & Development of Organisms
  • LS1C:  Organization for Matter & Energy Flow in Organisms
  • LS1D:  Information Processing

LS2:  Ecosystems:  Interactions, Energy, & Dynamics

  • LS2A:  Interdependent Relationships in Ecosystems
  • LS2B:  Cycles of Matter & Energy Transfer in Ecosystems
  • LS2C:  Ecosystem Dynamics, Functioning, & Resilience
  • LS2D:  Social Interactions & Group Behavior

LS3:  Heredity:  Inheritance & Variation of Traits

  • LS3A:  Inheritance of Traits
  • LS3B:  Variation of Traits

LS4:  Biological Unity & Diversity

  • LS4A:  Evidence of Common Ancestry & Diversity
  • LS4B:  Natural Selection
  • LS4C:  Adaptation
  • LS4D:  Biodiversity & Humans

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Physical Sciences (PS) - K-8, Physical Science, Chemistry, Physics

PS1:  Matter & Its Interactions

  • PS1A:  Structure & Properties of Matter
  • PS1B:  Chemical Reactions
  • PS1C:  Nuclear Processes

PS2:  Motion & Stability:  Forces & Interactions

  • PS2A:  Forces & Motion
  • PS2B:  Types of Interactions

PS3:  Energy

  • PS3A:  Definitions of Energy
  • PS3B:  Conservation of Energy & Transfer
  • PS3C:  Relationships between Energy & Forces
  • PS3D:  Energy in Chemical Processes & Everyday Life

PS4:  Waves & Their Applications in Technologies for Information Transfer

  • PS4A:  Wave Properties
  • PS4B:  Electromagnetic Radiation
  • PS4C:  Information Technologies & Instrumentation

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Earth & Space Sciences (ESS) - K-8, Astronomy, Environmental Science

ESS1:  Earth's Place in the Universe

  • ESS1A:  The Universe & Its Stars
  • ESS1B:  Earth & the Solar System
  • ESS1C:  The History of the Planet Earth

ESS2:  Earth's Systems

  • ESS2A:  Earth's Materials & Systems
  • ESS2B:  Plate Tectonics & Large-Scale System Interactions
  • ESS2C:  The Roles of Water in the Earth's Surface Processes
  • ESS2D:  Weather & Climate
  • ESS2E:  Biogeology

ESS3:  Earth & Human Activity

  • ESS3A:  Natural Resources
  • ESS3B:  Natural Hazards
  • ESS3C:  Human Impacts on Earth Systems