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PLC Guide


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Professional Learning Communities (PLCs)

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STEP ONE:  Establish and maintain norms:  A high-functioning PLC will continuously observe a set of behaviors that establish an environment of respect.  Norms should be revisited at the beginning of each PLC meeting.

Second Step:  The Four PLC Question

1.)  What do we expect our students to learn?   This is the goal set by the PLC.    

  • These goals are to identify students' formative progress towardssummative goal.  
  • Science PLC Goals = Essential Skills = Crosscutting Concept(s) Dimension(s) of Oklahoma Academic Standards (OAS).
    • To communicate these essential skills to students, Crosscutting Concept classroom posters may be printed from here.
  • The actual student performance expectations identified by OAS are summative.

2.)  How will we know if each student has learned it? This is the formative assessment designed by the PLC members.  

  • The science assessment should be three-dimensional.  This means open student response assessments are encouraged.
  • It is important that the PLC establish a common grading practice.  
  • A pre- and post-assessment are imperative.  Identify the students' starting point with the pre-assessment and the post-assessment measures students' growth.  They do NOT have to be the same assessments.  They just have to assess the same skill(s).

3.)  How will we respond when some students don't learn it? This is the Tier 1 remediation designed by PLC members.

  • Re-teach by providing alternative modes for students to learn.
  • What other crosscutting concepts could students call upon to help make sense of the disciplinary core ideas?
  • What other phenomena could be used to reinforce the disciplinary core ideas?
  • What additional science and engineering practices can students engage in to make sense of phenomena related to the disciplinary core ideas?

4.)  How will we respond if they already know it? This is the Tier 1 enrichment designed by PLC members.

  • Extend students' understanding with science extensions or other research opportunities.
  • What problems could be solved that require students to apply authentic knowledge?
  • What different phenomena could be investigated by students, perhaps also bringing in other subject areas, to show the connected nature of knowledge and the world?