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May 20, 2014


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Oklahoma Academic Standards (OAS) for Science (K-12)Click the link to access the student performance expectations for any grade level or content area.

Oklahoma Standards Revision Process & Timeline

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For Teachers:

  • Science Implementation Tool Kit: Resource links provided by the OSDE for science instructors.
  • Shifts in Practice:  This is a checklist of indicators for the instructor to evaluate one's self while implementing now three-dimensional standards
  • PD on Your Plan:  These training modules target instructors' understanding of OAS. Each may be completed alone or with a PLC.
  • Reflecting on a Science Lesson Bookmark - Fold this in half and have an easy-to-access bookmark in your lesson planner/teacher edition
  • Three-Dimensions of Science Standards Bookmark - These bookmarks provide quick access to the science and engineering practices (SEPs), disciplinary core ideas (DCIs), and the Crosscutting Concepts (CCCs).  The CCCs are the essential skills of BAPS science PLCs.

OSDE Assessment Information