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Section V: Employees


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SECTION V: EMPLOYEES                                 INDEX

5000. Administrator Leave
5010. Administrator Work Schedule
5015. Certified Employee Leave
5020. Alcohol and Drug Testing for Bus Drivers
5030. Annual Employee Criminal Background Check and Questionnaire
5040. Assault and Battery Involving School District Employees
5045. Cell Phone Allowance
5050. CPR and Heimlich Maneuver Training for School Employees
5060. Classification of Employees and Rights and Responsibilities Involving Nonexempt Employees
5065. Criminal History Affidavits for Contractors
5070. Complying with Protective or Restraining Orders
5080. Conflict of Interest (Employment and/or Assignment of Relatives)
5090. Conflict of Financial Interest (School Employees)
5095. Criminal Records Searches
5100. Electronic Communication and Social Networking Policy - Staff
5110. Employee Identification Card System
5115. Employee Complaint Resolution Process
5120. Employees Charged with Crimes
5125. Employee Retirement Program (TRS)
5130. Employment of Substitute Teachers
5140. Evaluation of Administrative Personnel
5150. Evaluation of Support Employees
5155. Exempt Non-Administrative Leave and Work Schedule
5160. Family and Medical Leave / BA Medical Leave
5180. Final Salary Payment in Event of Employee's Death
5185. Speech by Employees in the Classroom
5190. Hazard Communications Policy and Procedures
5195. Lactation Policy
5200. Misconduct in the Workplace
5210. Multiple Employment Assignments
5215. Use of Multiple Occupancy Restrooms and Changing Areas
5220. Other Employment
5225. Direct Deposit of Payroll
5230. Payment of Accumulated Sick Leave and Vacation at Retirement
5235. Payroll Deduction
5240. Personnel Files
5250. Professional Conduct by Staff
5260. Reduction in Force of Teaching Staff
5280. Salary Schedule Placement and Advancement
5290. School Employee Dress Code
5295. School Security Officers
5300. Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation
5305. Service of Legal Papers on School Grounds During School Hours
5310. Sick Leave Sharing Bank
5320. Social Security Alternative for Part-Time Employees
5330. Staff Participation in Political Activities
5340. Staff Positions, Employment, Assignment, and Termination
5345. Support Personnel Leave and Work Schedule
5350. Suspension, Demotion, Termination or Non-Reemployment of Support Employees
5355. Suspension, Dismissal, and Non-Reemployment of Teachers
5360. Teacher and Leader Evaluations 
5365. Telework During Extended School Closure
5370. Testing Employees and Applicants for Employment (Other Than Bus Drivers) with Regard to the use of Alcohol and Illegal Chemical Substances
5375. Medical Marijuana, Hemp & Cannabidiol (CBD)
5380. Use of Alcohol, Drugs and Controlled Substances by Employees
5385. Suspected Student Abuse, Neglect, Exploitation, or Trafficking: Reporting Procedure (Student Welfare)
5390. Use of District Computers and Electronic Communication Equipment and Services
5395. Use of Personal Wireless Devices and Electronic Accounts
5400. Title IX - Sex Discrimination and Sexual Harassment
5410. Workers' Compensation




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