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Broken Arrow Public Schools


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Gabriel Taylor TMSN(SS), Class of 2017

Virtual school helped me become a first generation high school graduate. Working online from home helped me catch up on classes that I had missed which then allowed me to actually graduate on time. Back then, I hadn’t thought I would ever graduate. I was also able to attend a trade school while I worked on my high school diploma.

Thanks to the education that I received at the Virtual Academy I was able to join the Navy. My career has allowed me to buy my first house at the age of 21 and provide for myself and my wife. My experience at the Virtual Academy was the best schooling experience I could have had. The teachers were more than willing to help on the days we actually had to be in the schoolhouse. I would not be where I am today if it were not for the teachers and other staff at Broken Arrow Virtual Academy.

I would like to pay a special thanks to Dr. Hunt, Ms. Buntin and Mrs. Pfeiff.

Jonna (Helberg) Taylor, Class of 2017

As a child, I much preferred shoving my nose in a book to playing outside or spending time with friends. By the time I reached my senior year of high school, I hadn’t changed much. Sports and other extracurricular activities hadn’t ever really interested me nor did the traditional “high school experience." At the end of my junior year, I realized I was ahead of schedule, I only needed one credit to graduate. The Virtual Academy allowed me to finish that one credit so I could graduate a semester early. I was even still able to walk at graduation that spring with my friends and boyfriend (now husband). I think it was great for me to learn how to self-pace and motivate myself, which has definitely benefited me as I pursue an online bachelor’s degree in accounting.