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Literacy First is a research-based, systematic, systemic and comprehensive reform process that accelerates reading achievement of all students in grades Pre-K to 12. The Literacy First Process encourages teachers to be more “consciously competent” about the reading process and offers a more differentiate and flexible classroom, meeting the needs of all learners.

Literacy First is a powerful change implementation method based on a strong site relationship among administrators, teachers, and students that develops a clear, well-mapped path to success.

Updated Testing Information

Fluency for K-2 grades

Fluency for 3-5 grades

Literacy First Elementary training videos

Bowmen - Consonant Digraphs Beginning

Bowmen - CVC Long Vowels

Bowmen - Deletion Final Sound

Bowmen - Initial Sound Substitution

Calvert - Deletion Final Sound

Calvert - Onset & Rime

Calvert - Syllable Deletion

Chenoweth - High Frequency Words

Chenoweth - Nonsense Word Decoding

Chenoweth - Word Building

Henness - Concept Spoken Word

Henness - Isolation Final Sound

Henness - Phoneme Blending

Henness - Segmentation

LeDoux - CVC Words

LeDoux - Rhyme Production

LeDoux - Syllable Segmentation

Moore - Bossy R

Moore - Vowel Digraphs

Moore - Vowel Diphthongs

Powel - Beginning Consonant Digraphs

Powel - Consonant Digraphs End CK

Powell - Long Vowel Digraphs

Powell - Multi Syllabic Open Syllables

Robnett - Pair & Share

Robnett - Rhyme Completion

Robnett - Ryhme Recognition

Vandolah - Adding Phonemes

Vandolah - Phoneme Blending

Vandolah - Rhyme Completion

Vandolah - Syllable Blending

Small Groups

Small Groups....What are the other students doing?

Reading Instruction

Mindset and Moves