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Frequently Asked Questions

Why were changes to start times needed?

The reason for the change is two-fold: to resolve transportation issues for our growing district and to provide teachers with dedicated time to work together on improving instruction for students.

What transportation issues will be resolved?

As our student population continues to steadily grow at 3% per year, it is becoming increasingly difficult to deliver students in a timely manner with only a single start time for both middle and high schools, and another for elementary schools. By moving to one start time for each level, students will spend much less time on buses and waiting for buses, and our transportation department can eliminate the challenges associated with transporting over 11,000 students with only two bus waves.

How will this impact bus stops and routes?

Bus routes and stops will be updated to reflect these changes and increase student safety. Updated bus routes and bus stops for the 2016-2017 school year will be available after August 1, 2016 at baschools.org/transportation.

How will after school activities such as athletics and band be impacted by the change in dismissal times?

All district after school activity times will be adjusted accordingly to ensure students are able to get to practices, meetings and events on time.

What is embedded collaboration?

Embedded collaboration is widely used by districts across the state and country to improve student outcomes. It provides time within teachers’ workweeks for collaboration with their colleagues to analyze student performance data and develop systematic plans to increase student success. Research has shown a strong correlation between improving student achievement and embedded collaboration.

Why are Late Start Wednesdays necessary?

In order to provide time for teachers to collaborate, adjustments to instructional time were necessary. Teachers will meet before students arrive on Late Start Wednesdays and the 30-minute difference to start times will be spread throughout the week to keep dismissal times consistent.

Will bus times be different on Late Start Wednesdays?

Buses will run 30 minutes later on Wednesdays to accommodate for the change in start time.

My employer won’t allow me to come to work later on Wednesdays. What time can I drop off my child?

While classes will begin 30 minutes later on Wednesdays, school sites will still open at the regular time and students who arrive early will be supervised by a few members of site staff.

Research indicates elementary school students should start earlier and high school students should start later. Did the task force consider this research in its decisions?

The task force carefully evaluated this research, and the district surveyed parents, students and district staff in the spring of 2015 to determine the level of support for early elementary start times. There were strong opinions on both sides of the issue, and the surveys were fairly evenly split. Because there was not consensus on a change that would impact so many families, the task force determined the timing was not right for the 16-17 school year.

What if I have questions about these changes? 

Please contact your student's principal.