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Broken Arrow Public Schools


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Broken Arrow Public Schools honors 2017-18 Beyond & Above award finalists

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Every year, the district recognizes five support employees who continually go the extra mile in support of the district’s goals and objectives.

Known as the Beyond and Above award, this year’s staff recognition program honors Joy Duda, Liberty Elementary paraprofessional; Marcia Anthony, Oak Crest Elementary paraprofessional; Michele Morin, Oliver Middle School custodian; Terry Austin, Leisure Park custodian; and Terry Moos, Broken Arrow High School custodian.

These five finalists were nominated by their colleagues, administrators and supervisors. A five-member committee consisting of site and district administrators conducted a review of all candidate nominations.

Each will be recognized at the April 26 Star Awards Gala, a dinner dedicated to Site Teachers of the Year, retirees, service award recipients and support staff. One of the five will be named as the Support Employee of the Year.

Joy Duda
Liberty Elementary paraprofessional

“Ms. Duda is always quick to point out a student that deserves to be recognized for positive behaviors. I have overheard her telling students how amazing they are and how she appreciates them. Her kindness extends far beyond the confines of her job description, and I honestly don’t know what we would do without her. She was so humbled one day when I simply said, “thank you for being you and for all you do for us at Liberty.” – Kjersti Bishop, coworker

Marcia Anthony
Oak Crest Elementary paraprofessional

“Marcia goes above and beyond not only as a support staff member but as a person. I hear her by my classroom door every morning as she greets every face she sees. She smiles and says things such as “it’s a great day to be alive!” She is always positive and encouraging, and she consistently puts others above herself.” – Crystal Taylor, coworker

Michele Morin
Oliver Middle School custodian

“Ms. Morin’s quality of work is at the ‘Beyond and Above’ standard as she demonstrates a tremendous level of attention to detail with every task she completes. Ms. Morin comes to work every single day and truly lights up the room with her smile. She greets every teacher and student she sees and continuously offers to assist in any way possible. She will do anything needed to make certain that Oliver Middle School is one of the safest, cleanest, most welcoming schools in the district.” – Wendy Johnson, Oliver Middle School principal

Terry Austin
Leisure Park custodian

“Terry ‘Awesome’ is the hardest working person I know. Not only does she pour her heart into the kids here (who all lovingly call her grandma) but she cares deeply about doing her job to keep the teachers happy. She would do anything for anyone, and our school is beyond blessed to have her. She is an integral part of our team, and we would all be lost without her caring and hardworking self.” – Taylor Sawyer, coworker

Terry Moos
Broken Arrow High School custodian

“Ms. Moos is an amazing person. She works on a 97 ½ acre campus with 3,600 students, and she is in constant motion and works diligently to be certain all of our needs are met. Ms. Moos has a tremendously positive attitude and never shows an frustration or concern when demands keep piling up. She is a tireless worker and would never ask her staff to perform any tasks that she is not willing to perform herself.” – Larry Lewis, senior class principal