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Community forums set for proposed 2015 bond issue

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For the past three and a half years, a group of over 50 community stakeholders known as the Long Range Planning Committee has assisted our growing district. The members of this committee are charged with the task of reviewing district growth patterns, examining the boundaries for school sites and assisting the board and district administrators in making certain that bond projects are planned to address both current and future needs. . . . read more

Invitation to comment on proposed revision of existing Board of Education policy

During the last legislative session, the Oklahoma Legislature passed House Bill 3399 which related primarily to repealing Common Core and establishing new curriculum standards. It also contained a provision which mandates that parents be given access to instructional materials and that districts adopt a policy about the procedures for . . . read more

UPDATE: Oklahoma State Department of Health reassures public there is no risk of Ebola to Passengers on Cruise Ship with Dallas healthcare worker

The Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSDH) wants to reassure passengers of the Carnival cruise ship Magic with a Dallas healthcare worker that there is no risk of contracting Ebola. The healthcare worker, who handled a laboratory specimen for an Ebola patient, remains symptom free 21 days after health monitoring began. This means the . . . read more